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THIS TOTALLY BITES (A Poison Apple Book) - by Ruth Ames

I checked out this Poison Apple book from our local library.

This is a book that I could not put down. This Totally Bites is shocking and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end! It is a bone-chilling book with an unexpected ending and a laugh or two. This is a perfect book for a child age 7 and up or any adult who is young at heart.

From the Back Cover:

"Twelve-year-old Emma-Rose Paley has always felt very different from her bubbly, outgoing parents. Unlike them, Emma-Rose has pale skin and jet-black hair, she prefers gray weather to sunshine, and she hates the taste of garlic.

When Emma-Rose's great-aunt Margo comes to visit from Romania, Emma-Rose uncovers a dark family secret and has a sudden revelation. Could Emma-Rose be a real, live vampire?"