Wednesday, August 31, 2011

HORSE SAYINGS: wit and wisdom straight from the horses mouth - by Bradford G. Wheler

Horse lovers have a reason to celebrate!  Bradford Wheler has joined together beautiful works of art and quotations about horses in a book that every horse lover will want to own.  Over 60 professional and nonprofessional artists from 11 countries express their appreciation of horses through art forms such as painting, drawing, photography and sculpture throughout the book.  The quotations are paired with this artwork through 8 chapters of the book.  The chapters  include:  The Bond, Humor, The Starting Gate, Horse Sense, Cholla (dedicated to Cholla Chambers, an actual horse artist whose artwork is featured in the book), Competing, Ancient Wisdom, and Training & Handling.  This book would make a fabulous gift for the horse fanatic in your life, but you certainly don’t need to be a horse fanatic to appreciate this lovely book.  

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MamaMunky said...

Hey Heidi! This is Lindsey from over at book blogs. Thanks for the welcome over there. I just wanted to say thanks for posting this book because now I know what to get my aunt for christmas!