Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nowhere Hair - by Sue Glader

Having cancer must be terrifying. Having to explain all of the effects that go along with treating cancer to your children must be terrifying as well. Sue Glader, a breast cancer survivor, has made that task much, much easier with this picture book geared toward children aged 3-10. The story, told in rhyme, helps the daughter of a hip mom undergoing treatment for her cancer to understand why her mom has lost her hair. Nowhere Hair uses delightful illustrations to help convey to children the important messages that cancer isn’t their fault and that it’s what’s inside that counts. Sensitive, sweet, and at times silly, this book truly touched me. I very highly recommend it.

Nowhere Hair is recommended by the Livestrong Foundation, has the blessings of the Lymphoma and Leukemia Foundation and is offered by and used in 93 cancer centers around the country and in Canada to date.

Book Trailer for Nowhere Hair

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