Saturday, July 30, 2011

THE MIDWIFE'S CONFESSION - by Diane Chamberlain

Tara is a woman still in mourning over the loss of her husband Sam. She teaches high school at the same school where her daughter Grace attends. Grace and Tara used to be close, but since Sam's death there is a mountain building between them.

Emerson is Tara's closest friend and the busy owner of a popular restaurant. Emerson's daughter, Jenny, happens to be Grace's best friend.

Noelle is another very close friend of Tara (and Emerson). She is a midwife who has many causes and is the head of a "babies-in-need program".

These three women have been close since they all met in college. They are family to one another. When Noelle commits suicide, she leaves them reeling. As the women go through Noelle's belongs after her death, they piece together a letter of apology. This letter ultimately helps them discover who Noelle really was, what she really did and what role she really played in all of their lives.

Told in alternating narratives, the author takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotion. It is definitely a page-turner that will keep you guessing until the very end! Ultimately this is a story about the love between mothers and daughters, the love between friends and family, and the secrets that can tear us all apart.


Book Bug said...

Hi Heidi!
I can confirm this is now working - hopefully means others will leave posts too!
I am just about to read my first Diane Chamberlain book after being recommended by a friend, apparently her style is similar to Jodi Picoult so should be a good read!

Bookshelf Reviewer said...

I heard this book was really good. I'm thinking about reading it. =]

Cameo Renae said...

Sounds like a great story. I love a good emotional book. :)

bookstacksondeck said...

Wow, sounds good! ^_^

Anonymous said...


I found your blog on Book Blogs and I am just starting out with book blogging!

This review really sparked an interest for me in this book as it seems like it would be an emotional read, but also one that will pay off with insightful information about family and friends and how deep our love can be for each other, but also how wide open that leaves us to be to hurt.

I would like to read this to see how the friends come to terms with it, it obviously cannot be easy and what they have to tell us about what they learned about keeping secrets.

Please check out my blog when you can!