Tuesday, August 2, 2011

THE GIRL IN THE BLUE BERET - by Bobbie Ann Mason

Marshall Stone is turning 60 and his life is in a state of upheaval. Forced to retire from being a pilot, a job he loves, he is also still dealing with the loss of his wife. With his two children grown, he feels that this is the time to return to the place where his B-17 crash-landed during World War II. He is particularly motivated to find some of the brave individuals who helped him along the way.

When I heard of this book, I was very excited to read it. I love historical fiction, particularly books set during WWII. I also was intrigued by the fact that the author, Bobbie Ann Mason, had been inspired by the experiences of her late father-in-law. Like the main character of the book, he too was a pilot that was shot down in occupied Europe.

The potential negatives of the book:
It took quite awhile for the book to really capture my interest. I was probably at least 100 pages invested before the story took hold for me and I was unwilling to set it aside.

The definite positives of the book:
This is a moving story that captures the bravery of ordinary people who were part of the French Resistance during the war. It is also a story of starting over and of second chances.

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Claudine Gueh said...

Hello Heidi,

I was intrigued by the book cover first then I read the story summary and loved it. But when you mentioned that it took you 100 pages before it grabbed you entirely, it deterred me a bit.

I'll probably place this as a to-read and consider again in a while. I love moving war stories, too. =)

Thanks for the review!